Session Menu

AkaSha prepare session menu below.
We can also show you which sessions are better for you at the time of your session request, listening your situation and your need by pre-counseling.
Please ask us which sessions are best if you wonder to choose that, and when you have question about every sessions.

Every session has its own way and energy level of approaching to the client body and mind, so if you take several sessions at the same time, it helps to approach to you totaly.
For example, Astrology helps you to understand yourself and your situation deeply and consciously, while Healing and Flower Essence approach directly to your enegy level, our sessions to aproach by consciousness and also by energy level are so powerfull.

Of course we consider that it’s the best way that the clients can recieve the transformation and the understanding that they can make themselves to take. Please contact us whenever you get the interest and the intuition of your inner-self.

[ Astrology ] → Link to “Astrology” page
– When you want to understand consciously your situation and/or your life’s main theme.
– When you want to know the timing of your concrete plan or goal, when is better to do and/or what will be happen then.
– When you want to know/understand deeply about other people around you (we can read every person’s enervy with their birth data).

*Session time: from 30 min. to 1 hour or more(up to your request).

healing session
[ Healing ]  → link to “Healing” page
– When you want to be pushed to overturn the status quo.
– When you feel yourself that now is the time to change your life.
– When your body and mind situation is not good, and you want to cleanse your energy totally.
– When you want to have clearer “consciousness”.
– When you don’t have a feeling to talk about your problem (Healing is valuable even if you don’t tell your detailed problem).
– When you have a light and simple feeling to ajust your energy level.
(Please note that Healing approaches to your energy level, and it’s not the medical act that effects to the body itself.)

* Session time: 40 to 60 min.

Bach Flower Essence
[ Flower Essence (Healing Herbs Bach Flower Essence)] → link to “Flower Essence” page
– When you want to approach and resolve a certain theme and/or problemduring 3 to 4 weeks continually.
– When you want to resolve the present problem, and face to your deep inner character for immprove them.
– Whenever you need the help about your frequant occured problem, and you want to resolve that problem.
– Whoever likes the nature energy like flower and the plants, feeling sympathy to these (of course to whom are not so, flower essence energy is effective).

*Session time: 40 to 60 min. or over.

Session menus above are available at the same day. Of course you can choose the session that you are interested in or what is match to your needs to approach. If you have a request about session menus, please show us when you contact us, thank you.